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Luna is one of the two most powerful kingdoms on the continent of Terra. It is an absolute monarchy ruled by the drow Rahie Leios. While he usually defers power to other groups, such as the individual churches of the different races or to the mage guild, he easily has the power to override those groups and make decisions as he sees fit with no laws or constitution as guidelines.

The people of Luna are a drastic contrast to the rest of Terra, there are few humans. Luna has a population dominated fairly equally by elves, dwarves, drow, orcs, and halflings. One can also find members of even more exotic races or even intelligent undead living within the nation. Racism has been effectively weeded out over the kingdoms 950 year span.

Luna has a very odd religious set up. Members of many races are as religious as there non Luna counterparts, such as the elves and dwarves. However most of the races who usually follow evil deities have been breed away from those view points, such as the drow and the orcs. Rahie does not use religious advisers, as almost all religion in Luna is racially inclined.


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