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The Lands of Terra

Terra itself is the main continent in the world where most of the action takes place. It is ruled over predominantly by four major kingdoms; Silem, Luna, Caulintine, and Golaria. The nation itself is mostly human, with the largest population of non humans being in Luna, where humans are the minority. These four kingdoms sit on the four sides of the land leaving large area’s of land between them. In some of these areas of land are the plains people known as the Vlaktes, a very tribal people. The northern area of Terra is dominated by the Terran Mountains. While the Golarian Kingdom rests over a large portion of the mountains it does not control all of it and other races and cities have been built over time, usually by those who have left the major kingdoms for one reason or another. There are a few large rivers that flow through the lands but south of the mountains it is mostly plains and grasslands with a few notable exceptions. The Swamps east of Silem, the Feywood west of the mountains, and the Scorched Plains desert on the south west of the continent.

Aside from Terra there are three other continents in the known portion of the world. Cambia, a large continent dominated by city states, a huge jungle, and a largely unexplored area west of the jungle. Rojugan, a small continent divided into the 8 major samurai clans led by the Empress. Finally there is Reme, a continent about the size of Terra that is completely dominated by the Remen Empire, a vast and powerful empire who have been given a holy mission to war and dominate the entire world by Hextor himself.

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