Player Characters

List of the Characters

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Active PC’s

  • Gar, Half Orc Ranger- Brian
  • Calidus, Human Cleric of Stratis- Russell
  • Shar’lyn, Drow Arcane Archer- Dawn
  • Sheen, Half Elf Warlock- Jody
  • Kai, Human Master of Many Forms- DK
  • Jeremy Tanem, Human Master Conjurer- Tommy
  • Quansume, Human Master Evoker- Justin
  • Chandler, Human Swashbuckler- Russ
  • Lophar, Human Grey Guard of St. Cuthbert- TJ
  • Walker, Human Cleric of Fharlanghn- Tommy
  • Seraphim, Pending- Dawn

Retired PC’s

  • Azool, Human Soulknife- Justin

Deceased PC’s

  • Nilo, Elven Rogue- Brian (KIA by Cultists of Vecna)
  • Ophelia, Human Archer- Dawn (KIA by Cultists of Vecna)
  • Lyrian Sylvanblade, Elven Swashbuckler- Justin (Killed in a dual by Rurik Tor)
  • Thog, Half Orc Barbarian- Eric (KIA during battle with Shar’lyn’s drider sister)

Player Characters

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