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Silem is one of the two most powerful kingdoms on the continent of Terra. It is a Monarchy that rules with the aid of a parliament. The current king is Luke Kotorin and his queen Katrina Kotorin. The Parliament, also known as the ruling council, helps the two of them make decisions and rule over the Silem Nation.

The population is dominantly human, but one can easily find members of other races doing well. The second highest population falls to the elves, meaning there are numerous half-elves as well, followed by dwarves, and then minor amounts of other races. Like most Terrans the humans tend towards tanned colored white skin, though eye and hair color vary greatly.

Religiously Silem is heavily diverse without allowing religion itself to direct the rule of the land. However individuals of power within churches do sit on the ruling council. The largest and most influential church in Silem is the church of Pelor. The high priest of Pelor Eric Jones is one such individual who sits on the ruling council. There are a couple other major churches that have influence within the city, these are the churches of Heironeous and Boccob. These are not the only churches in the land but few of the rest have political influence within the kingdom.


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